New Spring/Summer – Primary School Menu in the Fuel Zone

fuel zone54

FZ primary menu – standard – April 16

FZ primary menu – Vegetarian April 16

FZ primary menu – Halal- April 16

Menu in use from April 2016.

Please find attached details of the new menus that will be available in the Fuel Zone.  As usual, the full halal and vegetarian menu will be available where there is a demand.  In schools where there is limited demand the Catering Manager will ensure that pupils who require a vegetarian or halal meal are accommodated.

Copies of the menus are currently being distributed and will be with you to go home in school bags before the term ends. 

For your info, Cordia are currently reviewing the uptake of free meals for p1 – p3 pupils and will be looking at ways to encourage those who are not choosing to use their entitlement to a free meal at lunchtime.   At the same time there will be a review of uptake in p4 to p7 again to encourage pupils to eat in the Fuel Zone.   Your Cordia manager will update you on any initiatives to support this where relevant. 

I have attached for your reference a copy of the medical diet leaflet that has previously been issued.

I can also confirm that the menus on the primary Fuel Zone website will also be updated: