Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce Education 3-18

Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce Education 3-18

The standard recognises the journeys children and young people make as they learn about the world of work from the early years to the senior phase. It sets out what children and young people will learn and what parents/carers, teachers/ practitioners, employers and Skills Development Scotland will do to support their learning. Implementation of the standard will improve the quality and consistency of learning about work and careers. It will improve young people’s ability to make informed decisions about future pathways.

The Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce was set up to consider:

• how a high-quality intermediate vocational education and training system, which complements our world-class higher education system, can be developed to enhance sustainable economic growth with a skilled workforce;

• how to achieve better connectivity and cooperation between education and the world of work to ensure young people at all levels of education understand the expectations of employers, and that employers are properly engaged; and

• how to achieve a culture of real partnership between employers and education, where employers view themselves as co-investors and co-designers rather than simply customers.

The Commission published its final report, Education Working For All, in June 2014 and, in order to better prepare children and young people for the world of work, made the following recommendation:

A focus on preparing all young people for employment should form a core element of the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence with appropriate resource dedicated to achieve this. In particular local authorities, SDS and employer representative organisations should work together to develop a more comprehensive standard for careers guidance which would reflect the involvement of employers and their role and input.

Developing the Young Workforce – Scotland’s Youth Employment Strategy was published.CareerEducationStandard0915_tcm4-869208 Capture500

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