Glasgow’s Improvement Challenge the project team – Newsletter February 2016

Glasgow’s Improvement Challenge the project team

Attainment Challange

GIC Newsletter

In order to keep you informed of the developments in Glasgow’s Improvement Challenge the project team has decided to communicate updates through a newsletter. Although you may not be directly involved in the Challenge it is helpful to keep abreast of one of Glasgow’s key  priorities which impacts on 31,000 primary children in SIMD 1 and 2 across Education Services.


The key priorities within the Challenge are:

  • Ø Raise attainment in literacy and numeracy through targeted support and interventions in primary schools
  • Ø Improve children’s health and wellbeing through nurturing approaches and increased participation in physical health and sport
  • Ø Support families to be better able to support their child’s learning and development
  • Ø Enhance leadership of senior staff


I hope you find the newsletter useful. We would welcome any feedback on how it might be improved.


Anne Marie McGovern, Head of Curriculum, Learning and Teaching