Cost of the School Day

Thanks to all Glasgow PC’s  for completing “Cost of the School Day” survey, project has been working with children, teachers and parents to evaluate the impact that cost has on children’s experience of school and sharing good practice in addressing the barriers that cost can create. We know that Parent Councils have a very important role to play in addressing the impact of cost on families with low income- being the voice of the parent forum, letting the school know where costs and charging policies are impacting on families and working with the school to minimise the impact of cost.

 The Cost of the School Day project, together with a working group from Glasgow Parent Council Forum, want to find out what Parent Councils are currently doing- if they consult with parents about the challenges that costs can create for families, what actions Parent Councils and schools have taken to address the barriers that costs create and their confidence in speaking to parents about issues around cost. This will be used to inform the working group to develop tools and resources to support Parent Councils better consult with the parent forum around cost issues and support the school to poverty-proof the school day.

 If you have any questions please email GPCF for more information.