Changes to Education Scotland inspections in August 2016

Changes to Education Scotland inspections in August 2016.

This week your school will have received a letter from Education Scotland detailing a range of new inspection models being rolled out next term. This will hopefully lead to a better response from Education Scotland and the schools involved.

The inspection models to be introduced from August 2016 are: a Full inspection model, a Short inspection model, a Localised thematic model and a Neighbourhood model. Education Scotland added that changes are being made to improve how we can better communicate inspection findings to parents. From August, a new format of report will be introduced. This will be a short letter which will highlight strengths and aspects for development. It will include a table indicating the school indicator grades.

We are pleased that the National Parent Forum have worked with them on this approach and we are very supportive of these changes. The inspection evidence gathered during the inspection process will be published online in a new and clearer format. A key priority in developing these new models is to ensure that inspections do not result in unnecessary extra work for teachers and learners.

A number of our reps have been involved in the consultation on the future of inspections and we plan to bring you more information on this in the autumn.