Glasgow Parent Council Forum Constitution
(As amended at the AGM  held on 10th of November 2014)

  1. Aims:
    • To promote close co-operation, consultation and communication between parents and representative groups.
    • To study, discuss and promote matters of mutual interest relating to the education and welfare of school communities within Glasgow City Councils boundaries.
  2. Powers:
    • The Forum shall have the power to do anything considered by the Committee to be in furtherance of their aims.
  3. Membership:
    • Meetings will be open to anyone identifying themselves as a member of the parent forum within a Glasgow City Council school.
    • The membership of the Forum shall consist of up to two members of each Parent Council, or equivalent, one of whom must be a parent.
    • Membership of the Committee shall consist of a minimum of six and a maximum of 16 Forum members representing the range of schools in Glasgow.
  4. Annual General Meeting:
    • The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the same evening, but prior to, the first meeting of each academic year.
    • The business shall include:
      • A report on the work of the Committee.
      • Any resolutions submitted by a Parent Council or by the Committee.
      • Selection of prospective Committee members from those present who are willing to take on this role.
        • All prospective members of the Glasgow Parent Council Forum committee should already be a member of a Parent Council within the Glasgow City Council catchment area.
        • Only one representative from each parent council within the Glasgow City Council area shall be eligible.
        • Consideration will be given for anyone eligible who wishes to be included within the committee but has had to submit apologies for the Annual General Meeting providing that all spaces are not filled by those present.
      • Election of the office bearers of the Committee. These are defined as the chairperson, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer and national parent forum representative.
        • From those eligible within clause 4.2.3 plus the additional criteria:
          • A member of a parent forum within Glasgow City Council Education Authority area.
          • Has served on the Glasgow Parent Council Forum committee for at least two consecutive years prior to this appointment.
          • Should no individual fulfil both of the criteria above then nominations will be sought from those fulfilling only a single criteria.
        • Selection from those eligible will be done via a majority vote in order of chairperson, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and then national parent forum representative.
        • The selected office bearers will take office for a period of two years.
        • The office bearer’s selection confirms them as having a place within the committee.
      • Selection of Committee members for spaces available:
        • Committee members will selected from those identified in clause 4.2.3.
        • Should the number of prospective committee members exceed the number spaces available then committee members will be selected by the drawing of names randomly by someone deemed to be independent (i.e. a representative of education services)
  1. Meetings:
    • Meetings shall take place once a term.
    • At all meetings, voting shall be on the basis of one vote per parent council represented at the meeting.
    • At all meetings the quorum shall consist of one more than the serving committee, 7 of whom must be parents.
    • The committee shall have the power to call an extraordinary meeting.
    • An extraordinary meeting can also be called by no fewer than 20 Forum members who shall not come from one single education area as defined by Glasgow City Council Education Services.
    • The notification time for all meetings shall be three weeks.
  2. Committee
    • The committee may co-opt any member of the Forum to fill a vacancy between AGMs.
      • The co-opted member/s shall retire at the AGM but shall be eligible for re-selection.
    • Any member of the committee failing to attend three consecutive meetings shall be deemed to have resigned.
    • Members of the committee shall gather the discuss agenda items approximately two weeks prior to the meetings.
    • A third of members shall form a quorum.
    • Each member of the committee shall have one vote and resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority vote of those present.
    • The Chairperson shall have both a deliberate and a casting vote.
    • The Chairperson’s casting vote shall only be used in event of a tie.
    • The Secretary shall be responsible for the production of accurate minutes of all meetings and shall make these available on request to any member of the Forum.
  3. Minute taking services for meetings shall be provided by the Education Services.
  4. Funds
    • The Treasurer will open a bank or building society account in the name of the Glasgow Parent Council Forum for all Glasgow Parent Council Forum funds.
    • Withdrawals will require the signature of 2 of the 3 named account signatories.
    • The Treasurer will keep an accurate record of all income and expenditure and will provide a summary of this for each Glasgow Parent Council Forum meeting.
    • A full account of income and expenditure will be presented at the AGM where the auditor will also be appointed.
  5. Sub-groups
    • The Glasgow Parent Council Forum will have the authority to establish sub-groups for a specific purpose.
    • All sub-groups report to the Glasgow Parent Council Forum on their activities, and ultimately are subject to the Glasgow Parent Council Forum’s authority.
    • Sub-group members may be drawn from the Glasgow Parent Council Forum or wider education community.
    • Each sub group will have at least one member of the Glasgow Parent Council Forum committee to ensure continuity of communication, aims and objectives.
    • If a fundraising sub-group is established this must include the Glasgow Parent Council Forum Treasurer as a member.
    • All monies will be lodged in the Glasgow Parent Council Forum account.
    • The sub-group will access funds by submitting a request to the Treasurer, who will provide regular financial reports to the fundraising sub-group and the Glasgow Parent Council Forum.
  6. Remuneration
    • Expenses incurred by members performing Glasgow Parent Council Forum duties will be reimbursed subject to approval of the Glasgow Parent Council Forum Committee.
    • The appropriate level of remuneration will be agreed by the Glasgow Parent Council Forum Committee
  7. Termination of Membership
    • If any Glasgow Parent Council Forum Committee member acts in a way that is considered by other members to undermine the objectives of the Glasgow Parent Council Forum, their membership will be terminated if the majority of Glasgow Parent Council Forum Committee members reach such agreement at a Glasgow Parent Council Forum Committee meeting.
    • Termination of membership would be confirmed in writing to the member in question.
  8. Constitution
    • The Glasgow Parent Council Forum may change its constitution after obtaining consent from members of the Parent Forum.
    • Members of the Parent Forum will be informed of any proposed amendment and given a maximum of 2 weeks to respond to the proposal.
    • Changes or additions must be made at an AGM or an EGM called for this purpose.
    • The proposed changes shall be specified in the notice calling the meeting and be approved by a minimum of two thirds of those present.
  9. Disbanding
    • Should the Glasgow Parent Council Forum cease to exist, any remaining funds will be passed to the Glasgow City Council Education services on the condition that these funds are used in line with the aims set out in clause 1.