About Us

Glasgow Parent Councils’ Forum had its beginnings in the once-a-term meetings held by Glasgow Director of Education for Chairpersons of School Boards.

The proposed introduction of Parent Councils was the catalyst that inspired the formation of the Forum.

A group of parents were invited to meet to plan a parent-led body, enabled by the council, which would set its own agenda and engage with council officers and elected members.

A constitution was agreed and a committee formed a year before the introduction of Parent Councils.

The first meeting of what was still called The Glasgow School Board Chairs’ Forum, was held in October 2006 and among other items the discussion began on the introduction of greater parental involvement in education in Scotland.


In its final correspondence before the introduction of Parent Councils, the committee was able to say that,

“The Forum has made a good start over the
past year of becoming the opportunity for Glasgow parents to come together to
discuss common concerns, receive information and make their opinions heard.”

Since then the Forum has established itself as the representative body for Parent Councils in Glasgow.  Meetings are held once a term with committee meetings the month before.

The committee sets the agenda based on items suggested by Parent Councils, requests from Education Services to present information and invitations to outside agencies.

As an example the February 2010 meeting had a presentation from Common Ground Mediation Services and a presentation from and Q & A session with Maureen McKenna, Service Director for Education.

Committee members have also sat on council working groups, taken part in consultation groups, attended conferences and seminars and held meetings with council officers and elected members.

The Forum meetings are informal to encourage attendance and participation.  Minutes are taken as a note of the meeting but are not moved for formal acceptance and there are no ‘matters arising’ other than an update of any outstanding items.

Please see the constitution for further details.

The Forum is enabled and supported by the Parent Partnership section of Education Services.

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